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Start Date: 10 Oct 2020 20:00


Company's Name Product/Service's Name Industry Short Description
Sigma DRM Sigma DRM Telecomunication   Digital content copyright protection solution. Sigma DRM is a solution to help secure digital content on the internet, avoid piracy in the fields of OTT television, IPTV, ebook, security camera.
Cyradar CyRadar Education CyRadar Internet Shield protects school computer networks securely and monitors students' internet access which keeps them away from inappropriate content.
Joboko Joboko Service Joboko: The Solution to Connect Human Resources Efficiently by applying Smart Job-Search Engine and Machine Learning technology to quickly and effectively standardize and screen, thereby connecting with recruitment agencies.
Unica Acabiz Education Acabiz is a professional online training solution to help businesses improve the quality of human resources and promote digital transformation in training.
RALAVA + RALAVA+ Environment Ralava application: Digitizing the process of COLLECTION, URBAN WASTE PROCESSING, and Domestic waste. (TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION 4.0)
IOTLink Map4D Map4D Telecomunication Map 4D is a map platform researched and developed by Vietnamese people, stored and operated right in Vietnam
CMETRIC cMetric Service
cMetric Customer Data Platform is a product of cMetric that helps businesses digitize, expand, analyze and aggregate customer data from many different data sources.
MIDEAS Hana Smart Assistant Telecomunication )AI) Hana Smart Assistant Platform - where you can create your own A.I Chatbots for your own Website and Facebook Fanpage
MiSMART MiSmart Agricultural MiSmart: giải pháp Xác định sức khỏe cây trồng bằng máy bay không người lái. Áp dụng công nghệ AI phân tích hình ảnh dự báo sâu bệnh.
Fleetrack Mozambique Fleetrack Mozambique Education
Fleetrack Mocambique is a company that tracks vehicles, goods, services and assets with total mobility through the mobile app, web & sms.


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