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Vu Minh Tri

CEO, VNG Cloud

"VNG CLOUD has successfully built cloud computing serving hundreds of million clients owned by Vietnamese engineers. We want to bring these technologies in service for companies that are in the digital transformation process in Vietnam"

BizLIVE - Mr. Vu Minh Tri, former CEO of Microsoft Vietnam, after 1 yearjoining Nguyen Hoang Group - a large corporation in education - decided to return to his field of specialty, as Deputy General Director VNG's cloud service.
Mr. Vu Minh Tri, CEO of VNG Cloud

As a prominent CEO in the technology village, Vu Minh Tri used Sony Ericsson Vietnam, Yahoo Vietnam, Qualcomm Indochina and Thailand to overcome the crisis, creating significant turning points in revenue and team development. human.

For him, 5 years of working with Microsoft Vietnam are years of dedication to making a spectacular breakthrough, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the world of Microsoft.

Vu Minh Tri also inspires Vietnamese young people on the path of conquering challenges and refreshes themselves to achieve the goal of a better life of Vietnamese people thanks to the contribution of technology.

Numerous times tingling about the "career anchor", his return to the field of technology this time was associated with his passion and desire to contribute.

The way to find yourself

Born in 1973, before joining Microsoft, he was the CEO of Sony Ericsson Vietnam, CEO of Yahoo Vietnam and Qualcomm CEO in Indochina and Thailand ... 

His career path seemed to be filled with roses, but he confided that he had wasted his early years. "If there is a clear direction, the result is much better," he said.

He chose Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University according to the concept of that time, "Nhat Y, second-class Pharmacist, temporarily got Polytechnic", but did not understand the career clearly.

In the last two years of seeing oil and gas develop, he again chose the petrochemical industry. After graduation, he realized that Vietnam's oil and gas industry had nothing, only exploited and sold crude oil to foreign countries. So disillusioned.

Every day, the only way to learn for him was to read. The book that changed his life was Edgar Schein's Career Anchors.

“I find that the quality of my personality is completely the opposite of what I learn, everything is confusing ... The book presents the tests that let me understand that the farther a boat goes the anchor, the more irritated I am.

I decided to quit the oil and gas industry, looking for a more suitable job.

In 1995, I understood that my anchor was to manage and build a very clear destination for the next 12 years through sales and marketing positions in foreign corporations ... to accumulate ready experience for CEO position, ”Tri said.

 Mr. Tri poses with his parents and brother Vu Minh Duc in the graduation ceremony.

Started working as a brand for P&G 2 years, he learned all marketing tools, the working environment is almost like a university, very methodical. But instead of focusing on marketing, he was looking for another field.

Mr. Tri recalled: “At that time, many beer companies welcomed and promoted many, but I chose BP to study business development.

The environment here allows me to escape from "rice and rice money", have a longer vision to see the future, develop the market in 20 years.

There are contracts I signed from that time on till now. I then moved to a fast-moving consumer goods company to have the opportunity to learn about human resources ...

Continuing to jump, starting over 12 years in different industries ... 2006 was the time when I put everything together.

Choosing the position of Sony Ericsson CEO, at that time, the brand was still struggling. Because they are too difficult to choose a newcomer in the consumer industry like me to bring about change.

At that time, a much happier company also invited me, but there I didn't learn much.

At Sony Ericsson I have the opportunity to try everything I have learned, choose a distribution partner, choose a promotion.

In the period of 2006-2008, I brought the turnover up to hundreds of millions of USD / year, developing the staff up to 7-8 times. Through that success, I am more confident to be a good CEO ”.

The early days of coming to Microsoft with him were a huge gap between wishes and reality.

In the impression of many people, Microsoft was just going to collect copyright, sell software.

How to change that image, bring technology to businesses and society, help people make full use of technology, maximize technology, and bring many benefits to life is a new strategy. Group.

The biggest responsibility belongs to Vu Minh Tri.

The most difficult for him was to change the perception of the whole team, moving from thinking in every way to sell goods to the role of a consultant for businesses.

In 2013, Vietnam was conducting a lot of international trade negotiations. Thai and Japanese goods are cheap to enter Vietnam, giving customers more choices.

The problem of increasing efficiency, seeking markets, partners, marketing ... is posed more urgently than ever for each business.

Each Microsoft employee must be equipped with the skills to sit down with customers and solve their problems with technology solutions.

On the business side, to understand technology, understand customers, speak the language of customers, requires each employee to have new skills.

But most of the former employees have never done software, never did sales, never sat down to solve customer difficulties.

The spirit that he wants to pass on to the team to become the "number one consultant" is that he cannot focus the results, he must focus on the path.

Relying on relationships alone loses the importance of technology. Having to solve the problems of the business, they will become loyal customers, we will sell the goods.

On the one hand, organizing training courses to help employees solve problems of customers smoothly by connecting with national consultants, setting out cases in need of advice.

Some people who got acquainted with the old way saw that they were made to do it. In that way, Microsoft takes a lot of talent from the outside, which changes the company's culture very much.

On the one hand, accepting the negotiation with the group in the region on the current set targets is not realistic, it takes time for the brothers in the Vietnamese market to learn and gain the confidence to rise up.

Taking the effort to fly to the United States, Singapore presented its leadership, he seemed to be pouring cold water: "We have heard about how many years the Vietnamese market has great potential, but that has never been true."

There are too many problems for a large corporation like Microsoft to invest heavily in the Vietnamese market. They never put eggs into a basket. The best way to improve your team is to bring some leaders from around the globe and come here to taste honey with your brother, understand the market.

He must seek leadership from countries not based on relationships, only rely on customer advice to drag on the Vietnamese market.

Show them the whole truth, see the employee's desire to achieve more, the employee's honesty by working transparently, clearly, and talking to the outside, with customers ready to use technology.

After four trips to Vietnam, four of Microsoft 's top leaders have found that they can invest in Vietnam.

Everything is different, with experts, with a team of technology workers, after that turning point, the gear like a flywheel had grown, the development of the next year was always higher than the previous year.

Trust is the most important. That has helped Microsoft grow every two digits every year, prompting people to work harder, not just for Microsoft, but for Vietnam.

Nearly 5 years working for Microsoft, on the inside, Microsoft Vietnam is the fastest growing company in the world, demonstrating that the market can access technology very quickly, besides, how do people and the government understand? The feature of technology in everyday applications is what he is always pursuing.

He said: “More and more businesses are coming to Microsoft to share difficulties about retail chains, distribution chains, mergers, acquisitions, internal standardization to increase transparency, how to bring technology to life. ... made me happy. "

"Joining the leading technology company for me is to develop technology in small and medium enterprises, to build information infrastructure. Microsoft Vietnam is now one of the few companies selected to build public technology." Smart technology in all provinces of Vietnam, ”he added.

If he continues to stay at Microsoft, his task in the next 5 years is to convert Microsoft into a cloud service provider, helping businesses and the state successfully convert digital. But he decided to turn to education, another passion of his.

Having had the opportunity to work in large corporations, know its inside, how to succeed ... he wanted to share that with Nguyen Hoang Group, to help the younger generation control and change the future, avoid the "car tracks" of the previous people.

Dubbed "The people who have the guarantee to build the team, bring the company through the crisis" as with Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Yahoo, but he also experienced a lot of bitterness when entering the technology industry, because of the trial. intense challenge of the market, if not constantly changing will die immediately.

“The world changes so fast, so many of the previous rules are no longer true. The famous names like Kodak, Motorola no one believed after only a few years disappeared!

According to him, two questions always ask a CEO: “When changes inside the company are slower than outside, the company is about to close? Am I succeeding in the environment today or yesterday? ”.

And the familiar story

One of the secrets to success of Vu Minh Tri is that it is easy to get bored if you work too long in an unchanged environment. Entering technology, he was like a fish because he had to constantly learn.

“Documents that were read 5-10 years ago do not feel relevant at all. Must constantly update, otherwise will lose his position. I have to tell customers what is happening and what's new.

Never consider yourself number 1, no more studying. But sometimes I am too excited with the new, it must understand when I am mature enough to give customer advice, that is the mind of the leader before making decisions, because technology investment is not right. will be lost, ”Tri said

But few know that his inner strength was cultivated from childhood, in a loving home, which the example of his father and mother followed throughout his life, becoming a precious spiritual heritage. price mounts your brother in the atmosphere of knowledge, of kindness and the heart of the good.

7 brothers and sisters of Mr. Tri's youth

Go to Tan Tien Ward, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, ask Vu Minh Tri's family, everyone knows, because his family is famous throughout the region, 7 children all study well, win many national prizes in math, literature, physics ... later passed high, is the leading doctor and engineer.

Hai in the house, Vu Thi Thuy Linh, graduated from Polytechnic University, then went to study abroad, now managing an industrial park.

The next brother is Vu Minh Hai, graduated from Medical University, working at the Department of Neurosurgery, Cho Ray Hospital. He died a few years ago of a heart attack.

Ms. Vu Thi Thuy Phuoc is a obstetrician, graduated from France and currently works at Dong Nai Hospital. Then came Dr. Vu Minh Duc.

Next is Vu Minh Hieu, Bachelor of Environment and Environment University. Master Vu Minh Tri, CEO of Microsoft Vietnam, and youngest Vu Minh Tin, Deputy General Director of Phytopharma Saigon Pharmaceutical Company, one of the three largest pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam ...

In the context of difficult life at that time, how to build children foundation knowledge and strong life skills? The first belongs to parents.

His father's real name is Vu Van Chuong, but people often call him "Mr. Tien Hai", because his home has a Tien Hai grocery store, his father opened a private school right inside his home. His mother's name was Dieu Ngoc, but she was well-loved by her relatives, she called Tien Hai.  

The childhood of the Vu family is over the years smoothly.

The house is located next to the road, with a poetic orchard, noon climbing trees, catching butterflies, months of hard study together, father teaching children, sisters teaching sisters, has made a good teaching routine. right from very small for each child.

“From childhood, parents sacrifice everything for their children to learn. When I was in grade 1, everyone went to learn Russian at that time, although my family's living standard was very difficult, my father had to hire my Christian father to teach English to 7 sisters, so they all had good English background. .

I remember most especially that every morning, before my father went to work, my family had a huge blackboard, my dad handed each of them to each of my children, my older sister showed me the lesson, how to do it when my dad got home from work. Following that tradition, my sisters and I almost don't go to extra classes, ”Mr. Tri said.

The tradition in his house is that he has to finish the next grade in the summer months, so the learning is easy. Sometimes when the teacher is sick, he gives lessons to the whole class.

Tan Tien school was close to home, his parents were born in the first year, every year his family had a representative for the province excellent student competition, taking the prize back to the school. 

After that, he was selected to the provincial specialized school, where the teachers and students gathered, excellent students, learning very happy. Ms. Linh was the first person in the house to pass the Polytechnic University with a scholarship. After that, my brothers just followed me.

Parents set very high targets, they must go to the Polytechnic or Medicine and Pharmacy, because they want to open a private hospital later.

“Many people think that my parents died too soon, but the grandparents gave their children a full education, teaching their children the most important family foundations. So even if there are any difficulties in the future, a firm belief in family values ​​will help me to overcome them, ”he said.

Not only did he teach his children knowledge, his father also forged the leadership qualities and life skills needed to become fully human.

Mr. Tri said: “Dad is a person with good leadership qualities. Sometimes the brothers sit and play "the three most daring, everything they do". When public schools had problems, three were at home. I believe that some of the three textbooks dating back to the French era are right. Every subject I teach, math, English, literature and French.
Whatever he did, he taught himself and did it himself. The house of the family of three also built itself. Ba also designed and built, turning the poor temple in the neighborhood into a spacious temple.
I like challenges, and that challenges the whole family. Dad is very fastidious, unapproachable, very strict.
My house used to have an aquarium. When my father was away, my brothers often went to catch fish, and I could not go. Ba looked out for potential risks. Each time we violated, we were dealt with very seriously by three.
But on the contrary, there are serious wrong things with Dad no matter what.
Back then, a bicycle was a huge fortune, but when I lost my bike, I was afraid of dying when I came home, I did not expect my parents to consider it a joke, for me it was just carelessness.
That affected me later. If he wants to achieve the goal, he has to commit himself to it for him to see. Leaders have to look far to see the potential dangers from very simple things.
Our country has a procedure of percentage division, and considers it normal, but there is a great risk ...
My family used to have a car in the past, I drove my children to school to swim right by the river near my home, then learned martial arts.
Although the meal at home was filled with potato more than rice, every three o'clock in the morning, he made the kids teach how to run, made table tennis table for them to play, cast cement for the kids to lift weights, thanks to learning all the skills living makes us different, more active in every situation ”.
The siblings in Mr. Tri's family are all successful people  

In contrast to his father, his mother always worried and protected her sisters to avoid being scolded. Gentle mother, very good cook. My mother is from the Central region, living in Bien Hoa, my mother worried about the economy in the family to support her children.

“There was a time when Dad sat down to talk with his children to save money to take care of the children to go to school, just say peace of mind. I don't want you to be distracted.

My mother loves Duc and me the most, every time I go far, I have to tell her about everything.

When Mom died, I still could not forget the habit that she no longer has. His mother was well versed in Buddhist recitation rituals, making offerings to two domestic and foreign mothers one-handedly managing his mind, Mr. Tri recalled.

"The most memorable memory every year with you guys is the New Year. The whole family gathers together all night washing the leaves of the seaweed, wrapping cakes, making banh tet. Mother is the one who directs and assigns each person a job. As the head of the committee. chanting in the temple, my mother continuously donates to help people and others in the neighborhood.

Buddhist teachings were formed very early in the brothers, encouraged to live well, do good. If one grows up in a Buddhist family environment, it is difficult to become a bad person, because that community educates people very carefully.

Mom always said I would grow up trying to be a good person tomorrow. The definition of a good person gradually breaks down, depending on the time growing up, following us all the time.

I have pursued helping the children of Hope Village in Danang for many years, because my mother is there. I also take my children along, so that they can understand how to make others happy.

Duc's two children have also drawn a series of paintings to make charitable auctions, so that they can understand from the normal ability to help others. Kindness must originate from the seeding in every family.

Parents do many things to accumulate merit for us, so that we can succeed as today, then we also have to do something to accumulate blessings for our children, ”Mr. Tri said.

My mother loves to sing, and the three instruments are very good. She often lays and sings to her children, the greatest fortune of her parents is the pre-war songs that remain intact, those lyrics have entered the hearts of the brothers since childhood.

Parents live happily together thanks to each other to overcome difficulties, raise children so people ...

Certainly life is turbulent, but grandparents always have something in common, building temples, raising children, playing badminton with friends ... 60 years old, he still took the car to drive his mother out. outside the square ... Keeping a happy couple has the same hobby.

His parents always train their children to have a habit, even when they have their own family, on the first day of every Lunar New Year, they will return to Hai's family, the national holiday is a family festival.

Now even though no longer parents, brothers still maintain that lifestyle, gather together. Try to organize a trip with the whole family every summer, allowing the children to play together. Vu has 16 grandchildren now.

Meet the six Tri brothers in his house in Phu My Hung, a true technological house. All control of light, sound, temperature ... through the phone.

He treated the scrumptious collection of beer with his wife's cooking dishes, talked with each family member, only to absorb the warmth spreading from altruistic, loving and romantic souls.

Other Mentors

The mentors team, the jury are experts at home and abroad.

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