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Gene Soo

Co-Founder, StartupsHK

"Reaching the final is the success of any team, whether or not they win a prize. For the start-up, the most important thing is having the opportunity to talk about their products, especially in front of potential investors".

Gene Soo is the cofounder of Startups GBA, the pioneer startup ecosystem builder of Hong Kong. He started his career as a firmware engineer with SanDisk in Silicon Valley in 2003. In 2005-2007, Gene was a management consultant at Accenture (US) focused on Customer Experience Strategy. Since returning to Hong Kong in 2009, Gene has been fully engaged in startups having cofounded StartupsHK, Hong Kong’s pioneer startup community, and also launched startups in the tech and fashion space. Gene has been instrumental in driving the startup and innovation movement in Hong Kong and APAC region as he helped award winning startups such as Citymapper, the Ultimate Transport App, launch into Hong Kong and Australia. In 2018, Gene cofounded Dimsum Ventures, a PropTech Venture Capital fund. Gene is constantly engaged in dialogue involving Smart City, Proptech, Mobility and Retail Tech. Gene received his BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University as well as MBA from Columbia University.

Other Mentors

The mentors team, the jury are experts at home and abroad.

Bình Trần
Co-Founder and CEO of 500 Startups Vietnam
More than 20 years of start-up experience in Silicon Valley makes Binh Tran, the co-founder and CEO of 500 Startups Vietnam, can feel the passion of Vietnamese start-ups with the unicorn dreams.
Nguyễn Mạnh Dũng
Co-Founder, Do Ventures
Thức Vũ
Co-Founder, Ohmni Labs
"It has never been a better time to do start-ups in Vietnam, with so much support and funding which have a good impact on its environment along with the competitive advantages of the fast-growing market, talents, and government's support"
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