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Viet Solutions

VIET SOLUTIONS is searching for innovative technology products or solutions or ideas that can integrate into social industries in the National Digital Transformation program.

Why Logo?

With the philosophy of plus sign "+", Viet Solutions aims to be a leverage to resonate into a full (+) sign, expressing the meaning of community joining hands to find solutions to help solve problems occurring in Vietnam, creating a digital society for a better future.

With the philosophy of plus sign "+", Viet Solutions aims to be a fulcrum and leverage to resonate into a full (+) sign, expressing the meaning of community joining hands to find solutions to help solve problems of Vietnam, creating a digital society for a better future.




VietSolutions 2020








Regulations & Requirements

Start with one click! Attendees can be individuals, teams, groups, organizations, or companies. All individual/team members must agree with the regulations of Viet Solutions. Please click here for detail.

I. Regulations

.      + All individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and companies that participate in VietSolutions must follow the contest's regulations

       + Detailed information of the contest will be announced on http://vietsolutions.net.vn/

II. Purpose

Viet Solutions 2021 - The National Digital Transformation Solution Contest is co-organized by the Ministry of Information & Communications and Viettel Group with the purpose to find innovative, capable technological ideas and projects that can be used in fields and social industries in the National Digital Transformation program.

III. Organizing Committee

.      + Ministry of Information & Communication

       + Viettel Group

IV. Prizes

1) Cash Prizes

+ Winner (1 prize): 300.000.000 VND ~ 12,000 USD

+ Runner-up (2 prize): 200,000,00 VND each ~ 8,500 USD

+ 3rd place (2 prizes): 150,000,000 VND each ~ 6,400 USD

2) Privilege Prizes:

+ Become a partner of Viettel, a chance to provide services to nearly 100 million customers around the globe and enjoy a profit-sharing up to 75%.

10 finalists are trained in a start-up course focusing on the essential skills from international and Vietnamese experts.


3) The value of each cash

The value of each cash after subtracting all taxes and fees by law will be transferred in the form of a check or bank transfer to the winning team within 180 days after the end of the Final round. Each contest team is obliged to provide all information required by Viettel, serving the transfer and payment of prizes according to the law.

V. Timeline

The organizers will present topics/lists of specific requirements for finding solutions/products/ideas/applications in the fields of the competition. Contestants will choose for their teams the content to participate in the competition based on these requirements. This will be a basis for award consideration.

The contest includes 3 rounds: Preliminary (Innovative), Qualifying (Caring), and Final (Passionate).

1) Preliminary round  - Innovative

  • Time: 15/05 - 15/09/2021.
  • Online Applications: Viet Solutions 2020 will accept applications on the registration form at website: www.vietsolutions.net.vn  starting at 08:00 on 15/05/2021 and closes at 23:59 on 15/09/2021. 

Please note:

  • Late applications are not accepted and Viettel only accepts applications that satisfy all the conditions from (VI).
  • Application’s language: Vietnamese/English
  • Select 30 teams with the highest scores to attend Round 2
  • The Preliminary round result will be announced on 25/09/2021 the latest 
  • Contest’s Press Conference: scheduled for June 10, 2021. The conference will be in an interactive question and answer format.
  • Activities on the sidelines: Series of 4 Webinars so that people can interact online with famous investors, mentors, and successful start-ups. 


2) Qualifying round - Caring

  • Time: 04/10/2021 - 16/10/2021. 
  • Elevator Pitch: 
    • Taking place from 04/10/2021 , 30 selected teams from round 1 will participate in the contest to present their project proposal directly to the judges.
    • The Judges will also play a role as investors. Each team will have 7 minutes to convince investors.
    • This round will select 10 teams to participate in training in Camping Days at Viettel Hoa Lac Academy.

- Camping Days: From 14/10 - 15/10/2021, the selected 10 teams from the Elevator Pitch Round will participate in 2 days of training at Viettel Academy

- Demo Day: 10 teams will present to the Judges about their projects on 16/10/2021. On Demo day, 5 teams will be selected with the highest score from the panel to present on the Final’s round  

3. Final Round (Passionate)

  • The final round is expected to take place on 18/10/2021.
  • Activities on the sidelines: Organizing Viet Solution Fair and Seminar activities on the day of the Final Round.

- All 30 teams participating in the Caring round will be featured in the final round, in which 5 teams will present the project to the judges and audience. The finale consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Each team has 17 minutes to present their business idea, of which: 7 minutes for presenting ideas and introducing products and 10 minutes for Q&A to the Judges.

Part 2: After the presentation and Q&A session with the Judges, 3 teams with the highest score are selected to enter the Confrontation round: The teams will give questions to and answer questions from the remaining teams. Each team has 5 minutes to both ask and answer.

- Do a live stream on TV360 and hold a minigame for the audience to predict which team will win.

- The team who wins the first prize is the team with the highest total score after 2 final rounds.

- In the final round, in addition to selecting 5 teams First, Second, and Third, selected projects will be announced to cooperate with Viettel.

- Travel, meals, and accommodation will be sponsored by the Organizing Committee for up to 2 members to participate in the final round for teams entering the final round who are in a province/city different from the final venue or in another country. 

 - Side activities: Viet Solution Fair and Seminar chain.

Note: Timelines may be changed depending on the actual implementation process.

VI. Final Round Activities
  1. Training:

    +  Maximum 10 teams will be selected for the final round and participate in the start-ups skills improvement course at Camping Days at Viettel Hoa Lac Academy.

    + The 10 finalists will be trained by Vietnamese and International experts from leading economic universities such as Harvard, International Angel Investment Fund and famous CEOs. The training includes 3 skills:

    +    Presentation skills (02 sessions)

    +    Financial management skills, investment calling (02 sessions)

    +    Product design (02 sessions)

VII. Conditions of Participation
  1. Attendees are individuals, teams, groups, organizations, or companies. All individual / team members must be 18 years old and at least one member can present in English. Other cases must be approved by the TOC

       2. There is no limit to the number of products/ solutions of each attendees.

       3. The competition accepts products/ solutions in 10 fields, including:

- Technology solutions / applications in the Medical field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Education field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Finance - Banking field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Agriculture field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Transport and Logistics field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Energy field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Natural Resources and Environment field;

- Technology solutions / applications in the Industrial Production field.

- Technology solutions / applications in Enterprise Management;

- Technology solutions / applications for entertaiment or Utilities: game, music, video, news, multimedia and utilities, social networks.


- Ideas / products / solutions that have been cooperating/cooperated with Viettel in all markets; The product / solution has reached the final round of Viettel Advance Solutions Track 2019, Viet Solutions 2020; will not be able to participate in Viet Solutions 2021.

- Ideas / products / solutions registered or owned by a business must be registered in the Startup Group. Any mistakes when detected, the Organizing Committee is allowed to cancel the candidate's right to compete.

VIII. Registration documents:
1) Required documents:

- Each participating team must make an online registration through the website http://vietsolutions.net. and fill in the registration form required here including:

(a) A project proposal in the form of a presentation slide. The project will focus on the following questions:

+ Targeted market and market scale.

+ The problem exists in this market. Team’s solutions.

+ Business model of the team. How to operate the model.

+ Explain the superiority of this solution compared to the solutions being applied.

+ Has the team had a sample product, tried it out, or has customers yet?

+ List the names and roles of all co-founders in the team, briefly describe the experience and learning process of each co-founder.

(b) A 1-3 minute video presents the team's business idea.

2) Optional material:

- Participating teams may submit additional documents and materials for the application.

IX. Commitment & confidentiality

1. Having an agreement with the team, Viettel has the right to publicize / distribute documents in the registration documents of the teams for the purpose of advertising for the competition, or introduce the team with investors of Viettel and the public, or for training. If the team does not want Viettel to publicly/ or distribute the materials registered for the competition in any form, the team must send a request to the mailbox vietsolutions@viettel.com.vn. Viettel reserves the right to approve or reject this request.

2. At any round, if a team retires or is disqualified, TOC will replace that team with another team from the list of competitors.

3. Cooperation mechanism

- For teams who reach the final round with a complete product / solution: Viettel has first access to the product through an exclusive cooperation contract for 3 years and / or use the image / name of ideas for communication. The teams commit that they will prioritize negotiating with Viettel first, after 02 months from the negotiation if the two parties cannot reach any agreement (principle contract, official contract ...), the team will look for the next partner.

- Cooperation framework contract will be sent before the final day. By confirming to join Viettel finals, the teams agree with the cooperation mechanism of Viettel.

4. Ethical standards: Viettel is allowed to disqualify participants of ethical violations, including fraud and cheat, or any acts that harm Viettel or other related parties.

5. Originality: All products and materials must be original of that individual / team.

6.  Intellectual Property: Viettel is not responsible for any domestic or international ownership of the participating members.

- Members are responsible for their own assets

- Members must ensure their private information

7. Violation: All members must comply with the law. Any violation leads to the disqualification of the right to participate in the competition and of the award given to the team.

8. Update: Viettel can update the regulation during the competition. All updated information will be posted on Viettel's website at http://vietsolutions.net. The above regulation include all materials posted on Viettel's website; in the event of a dispute, the rules and regulation of the competition are used instead of any other material.

9. Conflict of interest: volunteers, judges, mentors, and members of organizers for Viet Solutions 2020 and individuals who are directly related to TOC’s members are not allowed to participate in the contest. These individuals include wife/husband, parents, children, and siblings. Head of TOC has the responsibility to check this information. 

X. Governing law

The above regulations are governed by Vietnamese law. Any dispute between Viettel and participants will be reconciled by both parties. Each party has the right to sue in Vietnamese courts only when the two parties do not come to the agreement within 180 days from the date of the dispute.


Questions and challenges guiding contestants







Technology solutions/ applications in the Medical field;


  • Smart hospital management solution - Smart his (eKYC electronic patient identifier, using IOT to collect information related to the patient, the hospital's environment, interconnecting medical devices, patients digital profiles, making remote appointments, home care...)
  • Virtual reality application solutions into medical training such as anatomy training, etc.
  • Robotic solutions automate hospital tasks such as preparing surgical instruments, collecting and cleaning operating rooms, etc.
  • AI Solution in diagnosing medical conditions such as oncology, orthopedics, ….
  • Updating facial database of patients who have been vaccinated to help scan faces to detect vaccinated and unvaccinated patients, F1, F2, and infectious disease. Patients at risk to society are being treated and automatically updated to the system centralized monitoring. Developing IoT devices to check for contaminated water, etc., locate and send to agency authorities


Technology solutions/ applications in the Education field


  • Smart school management solution (online lecture, eKYC electronic identification, smart classroom, ...)
  • AI solutions in detecting academic problems such as bullying, lack of focus during lectures, ...)


Technology solutions/ applications in the Finance - Banking field


  • The automated technical solution for developing new customer profiles and identifying customer preferences based on data analysis + AI + RPA . Processes include call-bot consultation => customer conformation => eKYC account creation => Saving profiles on databases. 


Technology solutions/ applications in the Agriculture field


  • Solution for tracing origins of agricultural products using cameras, IOT, Blockchain
  • AI and IOT solutions in detecting agricultural pests and diseases


Technology solutions/ applications in the Transport and Logistics field

  • Optimal solutions for product transportation in warehouses using big data analytics and IoT 
  • Smart warehouse solutions using robots and AI.
  • Seaport (smart port): Building a system to manage the position of containers and equipment in seaport: every equipment such as crane, truck, container in the port is equipped with locator device to update the actual location of the devices in the port. Applying AI technologies, bigdata, blockchain for optimal analysis of port operations.
  • Airport: Installing 360 and PTZ cameras on professional vehicles in the airport transmitted to the support center in the field of troubleshooting on the flight, providing support in the many cases outside the area of the fixed camera. Research and develop smart parking management solutions through AI system
  • Camera:

          + Use AI camera system to perform the following functions:

          + Monitor the status of parking spaces (already parked or not)

          + Tracking a car from entering the parking lot (through the barrier, with license plate recognition camera), give instructions for the vehicle to move into an area with an empty box, when the vehicle moves, the camera system continuously tracks until the car has entered an empty space and recognizes the parking position of the car to send information to the user

           + Statistics of parking time

        - Request:

           + Build models to distinguish and identify vehicles.

           + Build interactive algorithms between AI cameras to track vehicles

           + Design camera system to cover the entire parking lot

           + Priority to use AI camera using 5G connection

           + APIs to interact with other devices and systems.


Technology solutions/ applications in the Energy field

  • Smart lighting solution
  • Power grid (smart grid): Collecting full information of each power station, complete information of each device of the scattered power generation system such as: solar power, wind power using public
  • Big data analysis technology, AI, blockchain predict optimally in grid operation electricity, anticipating the occurrence of risks.
  • Research and develop equipment to monitor the quality of clean water for each apartment.-- Parameters to monitor: TDS index, temperature, water flow.
  • - Data transmission connection: NB-IoT/4G/3G/2G.
  • Data transfer protocol: MQTT
  • Research and develop smart urban lighting controller. Capable of mounting sensors: Ambient light intensity sensor (light sensor), proximity sensor (proximy sensor), force sensor (g-sensor). Compatible with urban lighting led lights in Vietnam, supporting brightness level control (dimmable) via one of the standards 0-10V/1-10V/DALI,...Data transmission connection: NB-IoT/4G/3G/2G. Data transfer protocol: MQTT


Technology solutions/ applications in the Natural resources and Environment


  • Water quality warning analysis solution based on data analysis and IOT.
  • AI ​​solutions forecast natural disasters such as forest fires and flash floods


Technology solutions/ applications in Industrial Production

  • Solutions to optimize machine run-time and increase productivity in production lines using IOT and data analysis 


Technology solutions/ applications in the Entertainment or Utilities: Game, Music, Video, News, Multimedia and Utilities, Social Networks; 


  • Technology in detecting and warning inappropriate content in games
  • Technology application in AR and VR games
  • Analyze user's interactive behaviors and gaming experiences.
  • Multi-platform cloud game system (mobile, desktop, smart TV...).
  • Recommendation system: Automatically recommend customers appropriate and personalized content according to interests, age, gender .... , and increase the user’s time. The challenge is based on Viettel's large data storage combined with the user's data and their social network behavior. System implementation into OTT video, movie, television, music hold systems.
  • AI content moderation solution: Automatically filter and remove sensitive and illegal contents including text, images, etc. The system requires accuracy, multilingual recognition including slangs, synonyms, etc
  • Real Time bidding RTB system: For Viettel's online advertising system: building an RRB system that allows Viettel's advertising inventories on apps, mobile or desktop to be bought and sold through advertising auctions. Ad Exchange or supply-side platforms (SSPs) automatically, transactions between sellers and buyers happen, within about 200 milliseconds of page load time, on real-time usage of the user.
  • Digital guides: visitors entering tourist areas, museums wear AR glasses, Or install an application on your mobile device to update your location and get directions request, update and introduce relevant content to customers


Technology solutions/ applications in  Enterprise Management 


  • Utilizing blockchain technology in domestic and international bank transfers to make fast and secured transactions at low costs.
  • Applying AI in risk management activities to detect unusual transaction and customer behaviors at payment acceptance points of deposit/withdrawal service providers.
  • AI application in identifying information from invoice photos, bank card photos helps customers having a convenient payment process
  • As IOT becomes more popular, it accompanies a change in user’s payment experience through the application of AI Facial Recognition system without bringing a wallet. Additionally, users can go into a store, pick a product, and leave without standing in line or grocery shopping through voice-activated devices through IOT refrigerator-mounted devices and AI virtual assistants. The payment will be automatically accredited to the user’s account. As a result, there will be a demand for a new transaction method instead of QRCode, card payment, etc 
  • Data Analysis System for Advertising: Collect advertising data from Viettel’s inventory and analyze. Then, personalized marketing/sale campaigns will be suggested and implemented for each group of customers, each product and each time on the appropriate advertising inventory of Viettel.
  • Applying AI, specifically OCR, helps extract information from documents with different formats which can support dynamic training setup of formats and template data without much training. Integrate OCR into digitization platforms like ibpms to help automate processes.
  • Solution to schedule and automatically assign work to staff to handle work in the field, best optimization based on data analysis + AI. Input data supports decision making based on factors such as: Job characteristics, technical skills, etc the handler's ability to handle the work, the handler's location, and the locations to decide the job.
  • Integrate services into mobile applications for field staffing
  • Research and develop sensor equipment mounted on BTS broadcasting mast (top of column or position of suitable position) ensure 2 requirements:
  • +Equipment unit price: <=100 USD/set
  • Measuring device, detecting abnormal phenomena, potentially causing unsafety to the column
and send a warning to the server to take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of the column infrastructure


General challenges for fields/industry below:





Transportation and Logistics

1/ Device/Module:

  • Monitoring environmental conditions
  • Actuator regulation
  • Manage device usage frequency
  • Energy conservation 
  • Collect and monitor health and equipment parameters

2/ Application:

  • Integrated devices management applications
  • Information retrieval applications
  • Applications that set up operating mode in devices
  • Device regulations applications
  • Forecasting and data analysis application









Child Protection against cyberbullying 


Having access to smart electronic devices at an early age expose children to the risks and downsides of the Internet.

Parents have the needs to monitor children’s behavior when using electronic devices such as web filterings and time limit, etc

The solution will work on the current mobile operating systems


Natural Resources & Environment

Environmental Monitoring 


The monitoring system includes monitoring buoys and professional processing software. The cost of solutions from international companies is currently quite expensive, preventing Vietnamese farmers from being widely used. The cost of foreign environment monitoring system is quite expensive. For example, the current cost for a shrimp farming monitoring buoy according to the current survey is about 4 billion. The scale of Vietnam's market is large, in the seafood sector alone, the demand is about 5,000 buoys. The challenge is to an environmental monitoring solution solving problems that Vietnamese farmers are facing with a lower cost compared to solutions from international companies.



Tracing the origins of agricultural products


Enterprise Management


Secure and reliable document authentication


Nowadays, people have the demand to upload important files and documents on mobile devices instead of hard copies (for instance: documents, certificates, vaccination records, etc)

Agencies and organizations that issue hard copy documents can also provide and verify certificates. Users can store this certificate to their smart mobile device, which can easily be verified by third parties for accuracy.

The solution is to use blockchain/passcode and/or asymmetric cryptography to solve the problem



Reducing tax fraud using invoices 


Currently, all businesses must use electronic invoices in their transactions. However, the actual implementation still has many shortcomings. For example, there is no monitoring and handling system, especially with e-commerce platforms, advertising platforms, and sharing economy platforms. There are two common types of tax fraud including value added tax fraud and corporate income tax fraud.

The challenge is to design a solution for tax management, electronic invoices monitoring and issuance linked to all transactions on the Internet that is capable of automatic analysis and issuing warnings related to tax fraud/financial risks



Digital transformation with the on-site personnel


Gartner first introduced the iBPMS concept in 2012. iBPMS now is in the development stage as it is a platform that allows organizations to proactively implement their digital transformation with specific actions, which can be performed by on-site personnel.

When organizations have realized the importance of digital transformation, their on-site personnel will be the best and most practical factor in implementing the digital transformation process. As organizations realize the importance of digital transformation, they will start to develop policies promoting digital transformation, where the last factor they need is technological abilities.

iBPMS provides a cloud-based platform combined with low-code tools, which will be the last puzzle piece for an organization to start its digital transformation process.


Sign electronic contracts using digital signature


To promote electronic contracts, the solution needs to ensure private information, in which the service provider does not know the contract’s content. Meanwhile, there is a certificate of the service provider organization including digital signatures and timestamp => proof of the validity of the contract (signed "at the same time" as the last party to the contract ).


Data labeling platform which promotes the development of artificial intelligence in Vietnam


Images processing (satellite images or drones) to detect violations of the law (for example: illegal sand mining or improper construction)


Online voting


Agencies and enterprises have the need to vote electing the council, shareholders, .... especially when members are located in numerous locations.

The challenge is online election solution that uses the Blind Signing to solve the secret ballot request and the request of the Vote Counting Council




Digital Transformation Goals

Vietnam’s 11 goals calling out ideas and solutions


  1. Each citizen has a digitized identity, electronic identification, and authentication that can be implemented in a simple, convenient, reliable and affordable way.
  2. Every citizen will live in a secured social environment and with individual privacy according to the law 
  3. Each citizen will have access to digital medical records. Each medical facility has the ability to implement remote consultant and treatment, file online medical records, issue online prescriptions, and support cashless payments.
  4. Citizens of working age will have access to various employment opportunities. Every citizen will have access to MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) personalized online courses to enhance learners’ experiences. MOOC courses will help to advance the digital world, bringing the fruits of technology to even the most remote areas of the country. 
  5. Every student will have access to digital academic transcripts. Educational facilities can implement an advanced teaching model to maximize learners’ experiences and to encourage the creation of more advanced educational models. 
  6. Farmers can incorporate technology into the production process to enhance the efficiency of the production line, reducing dependency on the middle level of production and distribution to consumers. 
  7. Businesses can send and receive e-invoices easily and file tax through an online government platform. 
  8. Each business enterprise, regardless of size, can easily learn and take advantage of the use of digital technology platforms in advancing production processes. 
  9. Immigration procedures in and out of the country are reliable, secure, and less time-consuming with the help of technical assistance that belongs to 03 best countries in South East Asia. 
  10. The flow of exports and imports are regulated and monitored through an online platform for increased efficiency, especially in terms of customs procedures that belong to 03 best countries in South East Asia. 
  11. Each expressway is deployed with an intelligent traffic management system for minimizing congestions. For instance, automated toll stations allow drivers to go cashless and pass through the lane in an efficient manner using a payment system readily installed on the vehicles. The automated, efficient toll system will reduce the logistics cost of toll collection and congestion
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