Launching MVicall, Indonesia - New Creative Trends in Communicating

16/06/2020 VAS TRACK 2019

Launching MVicall, Indonesia Satu Tujuh Introduces New Creative Trends in Communicating

Launching MVicall, Indonesia Satu Tujuh Introduces New Creative Trends in Communicating
Launching MVicall at the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), Thursday (9/26/2019). 


TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - PT Indonesia Satu Tujuh introduces a new creative trend in communication, using the MVicall application , short for My Video Call.

Indonesian CEO Satu Tujuh Teuku Amershah said the Mvicall application was an innovation that replaced the incoming call ringtone with a video from the caller.

MVicall is an application that allows telephone call recipients to see video recordings made by the caller on the recipient's cellphone screen, and will automatically replace the recipient's ringtone .

"If previously the telephone call was only a ringtone , but through MVicall the user can produce a video to replace his ringtone ," Amershah said, Thursday (9/26/2019).

He added, in addition to being able to make their own video recording duration of 10-15 seconds, users can also download artist videos or funny videos to be used instead of ringtones .

Bekraf Deputy Infrastructure Hari Santosa Sungkari said, the existence of the MVicall application is expected to provide entertainment to telephone recipients.

In addition to entertaining, this application can also be used to give greetings so that it seems to be a surprise to the recipient of the telephone call.

MVicall can now be downloaded at the play store and apps store.

Author: Hari Darmawan
Editor: Sanusi

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