Viet Solutions 2021 kicked off

16/06/2021 Viet Solutions 2021

Themed ‘Collaboration to Create a Digital Society’, Viet Solutions 2021 welcomes the participation of organizations and individuals living, learning, and working in all nations. Papers will be collected from now until August 15, 2021.

All technological ideas and products submitted to Viet Solutions 2021 should focus on 10 major fields of healthcare, education, finance-banking, agriculture, transport – logistics, energy, resources – environment, industrial manufacturing, entertainment – utility solutions, and business management. During the contest time, they are published at the address

The total value of all prizes this year is 3 times as high as the one last year, and contestants have a chance to cooperate with Viettel in the future with a 75-percent profit. In addition, the most outstanding teams in the preliminary round will receive special training from experts from leading universities, corporations to upgrade their startup capacity.

General Director of Viettel Group Le Dang Dung mentioned the benefits of the 3-partner incubation model, where the Information-Communications Ministry creates a suitable legal corridor and makes specific orders for the digital transformation process, Viettel offers lucrative chances for enterprises thanks to its huge domestic and international market shares, and the business community is able to devise feasible ideas, solutions to satisfy the ministry’s order.

Formerly known as Viettel Advanced Solution Track, the annual Viet Solutions contest aims at tackling common issues in the society. After two seasons, there were nearly 600 projects participating in the contest, and the total value of all successful contracts reached VND20 billion (approx. US$873,000).

The three excellent solutions chosen in 2020 were Mismart – a solution to check the health of plants via self-propelled aircraft, Map4D – a Made-in-Vietnam map platform, and CyRada – a solution for cyber security on a cloud platform.

By Tran Binh

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The contest is held annually with a view to finding creative solutions to many social issues, contributing to the national digital transformation strategy.
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