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Final round - Passionate

Start Date: 18 Oct 2021 09:00


Final Round (Passionate) 

  • The final round is expected to take place on October 18, 2021.
  • Activities on the sidelines: Organizing Viet Solution Fair and Seminar activities on the day of the Final Round.

- All 30 teams participating in the Caring round will be featured in the final round, in which 5 teams will present the project to the judges and audience. The finale consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Each team has 17 minutes to present their business idea, of which: 7 minutes for presenting ideas and introducing products and 10 minutes for Q&A to the Judges.

Part 2: After the presentation and Q&A session with the Judges, 3 teams with the highest score are selected to enter the Confrontation round: The teams will give questions to and answer questions from the remaining teams. Each team has 5 minutes to both ask and answer.

- Do a live stream on TV360 and hold a minigame for the audience to predict which team will win.

- The team who wins the first prize is the team with the highest total score after 2 final rounds.

- In the final round, in addition to selecting 5 teams First, Second, and Third, selected projects will be announced to cooperate with Viettel.

- Travel, meals and accommodation will be sponsored by the Organizing Committee for up to 2 members to participate in the final round for teams entering the final round who are in a province/city different from the final venue or in another country. 

 - Side activities: Viet Solution Fair and Seminar chain.

Note: Timelines may be changed depending on the actual implementation process.

Final Round Activities


  • Training:


      +  Maximum 10 teams will be selected for the final round and participate in the start-ups skills improvement course at Camping Days at Viettel Hoa Lac Academy.

    + The 10 finalists will be trained by Vietnamese and International experts from leading economic universities such as Harvard, International Angel Investment Fund and famous CEOs. The training includes 3 skills:

     +    Presentation skills (02 sessions)

     +    Financial management skills, investment calling (02 sessions)

     +    Product design (02 sessions)



Timeline in detail

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