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Vietnam's 11 Digital Transformation Goals 2022

02/08/2022 2022
  1. Each citizen has a digitized identity, electronic identification, and authentication that can be implemented in a simple, convenient, reliable and affordable way.
  2. Every citizen will live in a secured social environment and with individual privacy according to the law 
  3. Each citizen will have access to digital medical records. Each medical facility has the ability to implement remote consultant and treatment, file online medical records, issue online prescriptions, and support cashless payments.
  4. Citizens of working age will have access to various employment opportunities. Every citizen will have access to MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) personalized online courses to enhance learners’ experiences. MOOC courses will help to advance the digital world, bringing the fruits of technology to even the most remote areas of the country. 
  5. Every student will have access to digital academic transcripts. Educational facilities can implement an advanced teaching model to maximize learners’ experiences and to encourage the creation of more advanced educational models. 
  6. Farmers can incorporate technology into the production process to enhance the efficiency of the production line, reducing dependency on the middle level of production and distribution to consumers. 
  7. Businesses can send and receive e-invoices easily and file tax through an online government platform. 
  8. Each business enterprise, regardless of size, can easily learn and take advantage of the use of digital technology platforms in advancing production processes. 
  9. Immigration procedures in and out of the country are reliable, secure, and less time-consuming with the help of technical assistance that belongs to 03 best countries in South East Asia. 
  10. The flow of exports and imports are regulated and monitored through an online platform for increased efficiency, especially in terms of customs procedures that belong to 03 best countries in South East Asia. 
  11. Each expressway is deployed with an intelligent traffic management system for minimizing congestions. For instance, automated toll stations allow drivers to go cashless and pass through the lane in an efficient manner using a payment system readily installed on the vehicles. The automated, efficient toll system will reduce the logistics cost of toll collection and congestion. 

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