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VietSolutions 2021 announced the results of the preliminary round
For the teams to better prepare in the current epidemic situation, the Organizing Committee of the Competition Searching for National Digital Transformation Solutions - Viet Solutions 2021 - announces the extension of the application deadline contest through website vietsolutions.net.vn until the end of September 15, 2021.
For many startups, Covid-19 is a nightmare when operations reach a dead end. However, the pandemic also opens up new opportunities for those who know how to seize it.
The speakers participating in the seminar "Starting a business during the Covid-19 crisis" said that start-ups must know how to seize opportunities and make quick decisions.
The contest is held annually with a view to finding creative solutions to many social issues, contributing to the national digital transformation strategy.
11 Digital Transformation Goals and Challenges that need to be addressed.

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