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Viet Solution 2021 extends the Application Deadline to September 15th

17/08/2021 Viet Solutions 2021

The upcoming schedule of Viet Solutions 2021 are adjusted accordingly. The qualifying round will begin with a competitive presentation, taking place from October 4-8, between 30 teams that have qualified from the preliminary round. Here, the judges will select the 10 best teams to train and guide to perfect the product in 2 days, from October 14-15. After the training program, on October 16, 10 teams competed in the final presentation round to select 5 finalists.

2 months after launching, Viet Solutions 2021 has collected nearly 150 entries from 11 countries. In which, 50% come from Vietnam, the remaining 50% are from foreign countries. The new contest field, Solutions/Applications in Business Management, attracted a significant number of applications, accounting for 20% of the total number of entries.

This year, in addition to the activities dedicated to the participating teams, Viet Solutions also organized a series of webinars to provide knowledge and experience in business and entrepreneurship to the public with the participation of the participants. of Viettel experts, investment funds, and startups.

On August 11th, the second webinar with the theme "Which direction for startups: Rapid or sustainable growth?" The event will take place with the participation of Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh - Deputy General Director of Viettel Telecom, Mr. Bui Thanh Do - CEO & Partner Founder of ThinkZone Venture and Nguyen Minh Duc - Founder of CyRadar, the startup that won 3rd prize in Viet Solutions 2020 contest. , the first webinar with the theme "Starting a business in the time of Covid-19" took place on July 26th.

The third season of the National Digital Transformation Search Competition - Viet Solutions 2021 - organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with Viettel with the message "Resonance to create a digital society". The contest seeks ideas and technology products, focusing on 10 fields: Health; Education; Finance-Banking; Agriculture; Transportation-Logistics; Energy; Natural Resources-Environment; Industrial Production, and Enterprise Management.

The winning team will receive a cash prize of 300 million VND. The two runner-up teams each receive 200 million VND, and the two third teams will each receive 150 million VND. Besides, the teams also have the opportunity to sign a business cooperation contract with Viettel and enjoy a profit share of up to 75% from this contract.

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