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Share business success stories from the participating teams

Meet the entrepreneurs behind instant relationship coaching, automatic coupon code testing, online wedding registries and more.
Ant Group, an affiliate fintech company of Chinese retail behemoth Alibaba, is gearing up to go public with an anticipated $200 billion valuation.
Many people have big dreams of quitting their day jobs and going to work on a venture that they love. To which I say: Why don’t they?
Organizations have a responsibility, as well as a clear economic incentive, to support them in their next steps.
Kimberley Ho is building a skincare company that she hopes will someday be just as ubiquitous as Johnson & Johnson. To do so, she's thinking long term. Ask the CEO what her primary goal for her organic, family-focused skincare line is, and she'll answer without skipping a beat, "To be here in 100 years."
Hanoi, Vietnam - Viettel Group and Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications has launched the call for applications for Viet Solutions 2020 - an international competition to find products/solutions to accelerate the digital transformation progress. The competition is open to individuals/teams globally and has an application deadline of Friday 25 September 2020.
The world is in a state of unprecedented tumult. Businesses and governments around the globe have been shaken to their cores by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Here's what we can learn from startups who have resisted economic crises in the past.
It doesn’t matter what you are doing and when. Driving your motorbike, struggling to sleep at 3 a.m, or cooking in your kitchen, there is always this “Eureka!” moment. The instant that it struck you, you are so convinced that you have just come up with a great business idea, not to mention one of the best.
Like many other Asian countries, Vietnam is racing its regional counterparts to spur economic innovation with artificial intelligence (AI). Experts say voice recognition technology, AI, blockchain and big data will be major trends in 2020.
VietChallenge, Viettel and Foley Hoag have co - organized the East-West Connect Conference 2019
After winning the runner - up prize of Viettel Advanced Solutions track 2019, TiMobile team has launch MVicall in Indonesia.
VVN Ai, Tmobile, Graam have won top prize of VietChallenge 2019, an annual startup competition for Vietnamese entrepreneurs from all over the world.
Watching the pitch of the winner of Viettel Advanced Solution Track 2019
Top 3 of Viettel Advanced Solution Track 2019
The contest was honored by the Cambodian Deputy Minister of Information and Communications as a jury along with the top CEOs and founders of StartUp such as Mr. Michael McCarthy, lecturer of Harvard Extension, Mr. Gene Soo – co-founder of StartupsHK, Shark Nguyen Manh Dung – CEO of Cyber ​​Agent Fund in Vietnam and Thailand.

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